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While perusing this document there are a few terms that you will have to keep in mind.
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Movie wallpapers available through our website are for personal use only. Images may or may not be under copyright. However if we receive any complaints from any content owner we hold the right to remove such content without prior notice to our users. Movie Torrents Movie Torrents available on our website are not hosted by biscopelanka.com. Our goal is to allow people to connect with file sharing communities If they choose to do so. We will not be held liable regarding any torrent file downloaded from our website. We strongly recommend our users to watch the movies if and when they are available at the local theaters because the theater experience is always the best.
We provide services ‘as is’, ‘with all faults’ and ‘as available’. we do not warrant or gurantee that any information gained through our website is accurate or reliable, or that your use of our website will be secure or free from error.

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